If I am going to post one thing a day....

....sometimes...or a lot of the times....it's going to be very random. For instance - this wild eyed unicorn with a very sexy tongue is today's post. I found this picture on my phone. Don't know where it came from but it has made a huge impact on me this morning. Would you look at this uni's legs? What the fuck? How do they even curve like that? I hope this deformed animal is on the way to the doctor.

Speaking of doctors, I'm ill. I have the beginning stages of a cold. They are

-Achey body


-Sore throat


-Stuffy head

-Self pity

It's one of those colds where you can get out of bed and do stuff. Annoying. I almost prefer being really sick, so sick you can't get out of bed. There is no guilt for lying around all day because you are so ill.

But this bullshit that I have....this "sort of" illness ....I could get a full days of stuff in - gym, errands, dog walks, writing, laundry, coffee with friends, a wank -- but I would do it at half speed. My wank would take nine hours, usually it only takes me four point five hours. SPELL OUT THE NUMBERS.

Ok. I gotta go.


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